Just in time for the production PNW SETAC’s Annual Meeting, Board Member Kenia Whitehead from GSI Environmental, exercised her restive and curious inclinations towards computer vision and AI- artificial intelligence.  

In the spring, Kenia developed the logo for the conference, which became our official log, using  Open AI DALL-E image generator. Using what is called a natural language description, you type in a descriptive statement and the system generates art and images.  

Who now owns the copyright to our logo? We would love to hear your thoughts and experience on the matter. 

For our logo image, Kenia typed in “healthy environment – pacific northwest” and the model returned the image. 

It looked like this:

AI generated image of what will become the PNW SETAC logo

We asked graphic designer Andrew Mack from Washington State University- Puyallup (where the Washington Stormwater Center is located) to pick it up from there and replace the writing with PNW SETAC and he generated some variations, one of which is the circular one that we have been using as a logo.

So these are the types of images that AI “thinks” of for a healthy environment in our Pacific Northwest. 

To learn more about how to use the tool go HERE. 

The tool was free until late April of this year, but now there is a $15/per image fee so please note that update.

We decided as a board that the beloved logo from our past had its day and we thought about the implications of using the totem for our organization and what feelings that might generate. The use of AI-generated issues, as well as the pantheon of related copyright, job, artistry, and major societal shifts, are all at play. But for our new logo, no one lost their job. 

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