Welcome to the PNW Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry. It is with delight that we use our work to build resilience in ecosystems, human communities, and humanity by researching the complex mechanics of how the biophysical world works, and how to prevent harm from the synthetic materials we have created.

Just in time for the production of last year’s PNW SETAC’s Annual Meeting, Board Member Kenia Whitehead from GSI Environmental, exercised her restive and curious inclinations towards computer vision and AI- artificial intelligence.  

Last spring, Kenia developed the logo for the conference, which became our official log, using  Open AI DALL-E image generator. Using what is called a natural language description, you type in a descriptive statement and the system generates art and images.  

Who now owns the copyright to our logo? We would love to hear your thoughts and experience on the matter. 

For our logo image, Kenia typed in “healthy environment – pacific northwest” and the model returned the image. We certainly should not jettison our PhDs and lines of work, but it’s worth tracking, and responding to, how AI is causing a meteoric shift in our work.

We look forward to having more frequent gatherings, in-person, and online, in the coming years.